luni, 30 martie 2009

The Wall

I miss the window where I heard you chuckle on the phone,
Your confidence sunk deep beneath the possibility of love
Your shyness dying for some wits to place it undercover
My thrills, my voice, failing to find its consciousness,
Stuttering illiterate around your fire escapes.
But then you talked,
And thus I found you in disguise
Our vows of secrecy betrayed,
The inane faith within my childhood fictive tongues
Met with the dryness in your rugged land…
The truth - turned dull by the futility of waiting
And nonetheless, I stretched my thumbs towards your cheekbone,
Wanting to place some tenderness upon its mooning blankness
For no reason, or perhaps
In order to blindfold myself before our grainy buffer zone.
We cannot find the proper spirals
To blow each other kisses within
Together we're haphazard
We finger one another vainly
Longing to find a door
Saddened to touch an even wall
Together makes each of us barren.

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