luni, 30 martie 2009

Tiberius enamored

Your smile emerges from a numb street
Your sayings sooth me and reveal
Teeth I could trust, moved forth and then receding
Within the fuzzy vowels of your complacent wisdom.
You've entered a land that spreads a thousand miles away
But you could not peel the soundproof oubliette
Tucking it in each night.
You stretched your hands toward me
And failed to see that mine were tied;
You could not hear a voice that stirs
Death sentences enraged to be distracted
From pious masturbations,
And nonetheless the voice embraces them as personal eye-frowns
Each time it dares to utter…
And thus you could not hear
Words tortured in oriental fashions
While drowned in their placenta.
You see that I am on the sleazy side of ribbons
The white I wear from time to time
Is always devoid of symbols
But still, your smile carries on,
Either eyeless, or in spite of me
Forever hand-raised, kindly sending me
Ballet invitations,
Dying to be sincerely mine…

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