sâmbătă, 28 noiembrie 2009

Marriage V

Long time no see, my enemy
The sneeze that burst out of my horror
Followed by "never mind"
You fell asleep inside me
Till we were one,
Until I lost my knack at spotting you…
The only white I can remember through our wedding
Were my trembling socks
It's funny you should rhyme so freely
With my liking to chocolate and Bunuel
You, of all people,
So lacking in discretion,
Where are you now?
You took a leap inside my mouth
And filled it with must nots
You and your paradoxal privies
Locked up the sobs inherent to my voice
Far from my grasp
Now I am such a friendly tenor…
A historical moment
When my crying got broken
And each dot stopped being
Symmetrical to another.

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